Draw your Church together, O Lord, into one great company of disciples, together following our Lord Jesus Christ into every walk of life, together serving him in his mission to the world, and together witnessing to his love on every continent and island. We ask this in his name and for his sake.     Amen

Parish Council Members - June 20, 2017


Front row from the left - Rev. Donald Walls, Genevieve Richards, Sharon Hallsor, Rev. Daniel Fournier, Marlene Mitten, David Williams

Middle row from left - Mary Shelton, Sharon McMillan, Stephen Ruttan

Back row from left - Rick Saville, Kathleen Patterson, Harry Felsing, Gillian Bloom

Absent - Rachel Mitten, Matthew Robertson, and Vicki Sharp


Parish Council 2017


Rector's Warden:

Marlene Mitten


Deputy Rector's Warden:



People's Warden:

Sharon Hallsor


Deputy People's Warden:




David Williams



Genevieve Richards



Delegates to Synod:
Sharon Hallsor
Marlene Mitten
Rick Saville


Alternate Synod Delegates:
Harry Felsing
Genevieve Richards


Council Members at Large:
Gillian Bloom
Sharon McMillan
Rachel Mitten
Kathleen Patterson
Stephen Ruttan
Vicki Sharp
Mary Shelton


Youth Delegate:
Matthew Robertson


Other Parish Contacts:

 Organist & Choir Director:


 Evensong Organist:


 Children and Youth Ministry:

 Susanne Reul-Zastre


 David Berry


 Sharon Hallsor

Parish Organizations:
Altar Guild:




Jane Grant

Noreen Saville

Ann Seguin

Joan Gowan

Other Parish Organizations:

Handicraft Group:

Prayer Chain:

Margaret Warden

Rosemary Watts

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