In 2012, Mike Cruickshank on behalf of St. Luke Cedar Hill submitted data to the National Church Energy Use Data Collection Project, GREEN UP. We recently received a summary letter and report from this project. The letter and report are linked below:

    GREEN UP Report to Parishes August 2013Adobe Reader (.pdf) format

    St. Luke's Buildings Summary ReportAdobe Reader (.pdf) format


Since 2003, Mike has been examining St. Luke's ecological footprint especially in the area of energy use. He has tracked our energy use since 2000 and has helped St. Luke's achieve a drop in electrical and gas use. Space heating is by far our largest use of energy.


Our church building is nearly 150 years old requiring quite a number of upgrades while also managing to be in line with the church’s heritage status. Our hall was built in the 1950s, and although a bit better insulated, it also required some upgrades especially sealing cracks.


Several articles on St. Luke’s energy upgrades written by Mike Cruickshank were published in the Diocesan Post and are also available below:

    St. Luke’s Energy Efficiency Upgrades Part 1Adobe Reader (.pdf) format

    St. Luke’s Energy Efficiency Upgrades Part 2 Adobe Reader (.pdf) format

    St. Luke’s Energy Efficiency Upgrades Part 3 Adobe Reader (.pdf) format


At St. Luke Cedar Hill we continue to monitor our energy use and help others to become more aware of theirs because we believe that our relationship with the environment is important.


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